Med-Lok™ is the world’s first ‘self contained’ Automatic Locking Hypodermic Safety Needle available for market. Med-Lok™ completely eliminates the threat of an accidental needle stick to Health Care Workers (HCW) and patients alike. The needle is unseen and is protected by a safety sheath before, during and after subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. As the injection begins, the circumference of the sheath ‘tricks’ the body into sending the brain a message that eliminates the traditional needle sting where the result is a painless injection.

Once the injection is administered and the needle is removed from the body, the protective sheath then automatically locks rendering the needle unusable. This automatic and passive locking mechanism eliminates an additional step for HCW’s and the possibility of being accidentally stuck. It also eliminates the possibility of the needle being reused or sticking another worker because the manual locking feature was never activated.


MedLok™ removes the additional training and burden put on health care workers who are experiencing increased workloads and responsibility. After over 10 years of safety hypodermic needle products on the market, HCW’s can finally be confident in the safety of themselves, their coworkers and their patients.