• Needlestick legislation was adopted in the United States in 2000-2001.

  • Still more than 300,000 sharps injuries in the U.S. annually*

  • Safety devices have resulted in marked reductions in PI (percutaneous injury) rates but it is clear they can be misused.

  • Non-activation of safety feature of needles with safety design still appears greater than 70% (EPINet data 2001-2007)

  • Continuing efforts should focus on new design and technology to help compliance and misuse.

  • The passive design of the Med-LokTM eliminates the risk of needlestick injury exposure


*2010 Sharps Safety Guide: “A decade of sticking points. Sharps injury preventions progress blunted by lingering, persistent problems”    Jeannie Akridge, Healthcare Purchasing News, December 2010



Data available at:

“International Healthcare Worker Safety Center, University of Virginia, U.S.

EPINet Sharps Injury and Body Fluid ExposureSurveillance Research Group, Sharps injury.”

Report for 2001, 58 hospitals contributing data, 1,929 total exposures*

Report for 2007, 29 hospitals contributing data, 951 total exposures*

*report available at